AP govt lashes out at fake news .. Jail if found


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: The AP government has conceded on fake news. CM YS Jagan has launched a fact check website set up to check the false propaganda of some brats as well as to check fake news. Jagan launched the website on Friday at the camp office in Thadepalli. In recent times, a section of the state has been spreading fake news. The fact check website was launched to inform the public about the facts, said CM Jagan.

In addition to providing the facts, it was clarified that a special feature called Fake, Fact has been set up on the website. He said the portal was being used to present the facts of the campaign to the public across the country. He said he believed blindly believing that social media and online websites were going viral to make them more trustworthy. He warned that legal action should not be taken if postings are made to humiliate organizations, religions, castes, political parties and individuals.

Jagan also suggested that the authorities take action on the malicious propaganda. Maliciously identified where the campaign originally started and ordered legal action to be taken. Jagan opined that no one has the right to deliberately damage the reputation of an individual, the reputation of a system. No one has the right to corrupt systems with personal intentions. No one wants to do things that mislead systems.

He warned that action should be taken against those who mislead the people and the systems and programs of the government’s ambitious programs. The event was attended by Chief Secretary to Government Adityanath Das, Government Adviser (Communications) GVD Krishnamohan, Information Commissioner Tumma Vijaykumar Reddy, DIG (Technical Services) G Palaraju, AP Digital Corporation VC and MD Chinna Vasudevareddy and senior officials.