April 1 .. Do you know why it is All Pools Day?


Prime Time Zone, web desk: April 1 .. All Pools Day. A day for bachelors to tease each other. All over the world on this day everyone is laughing and giggling, both strangers and strangers. What is so special about the original today? Why is Pools Day celebrated today? Is still a mystery to anyone. However, historians have been reporting for some years that April Pools Day began to be celebrated in France after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar to replace the Julian calendar. However, the new calendar is set to begin on January 1, 1952. After that some countries celebrate the day of the arrival of the new calendar as the New Year.

Some people in the country imitate the Julian calendar without accepting the new calendar. Those who do so are considered foolish and make jokes about them. Historians are of the opinion that April Pool Day came. Today, friends and relatives play games and make fun of the bachelors. April Pool Day has now become a tradition in some countries.

hariharaestates April 1 .. Do you know why it is All Pools Day?

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