Aziz and Randolfe propose to create a permanent group in the Senate to oversee the fight against the pandemic – Prime Time Zone


Text suggests that a collegiate monitor the developments of the CPI of Covid-19, in addition to receiving reports of irregularities

Jefferson Rudy/Senate AgencyOmar Aziz and Randolfe Rodrigues chair the CPI of Covid-19

The senators Omar Aziz | (PSD-AM) e Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), president and vice president of CPI to Covid-19, proposed this Wednesday, 13, the creation of the “Parliamentary Front Observatory of the Covid-19 Pandemic” in the Senate, a permanent group to oversee the fight against the coronavirus. The text suggests that a collegiate oversee and monitor the “legal, legislative and social developments” of the CPI, in addition to receiving new complaints about irregularities and errors during the health crisis. “With the end of the work of the CPI of Covid-19, it became imperative to set up a parliamentary group to monitor and oversee the developments of the investigations and the effective accountability of all those who contributed to the aggravation of the greatest sanitary and social crisis in the region. our history”, say the senators in the justification of the project. Aziz and Randolfe also state that the CPI fulfilled an “extremely important role in preventing an even greater tragedy by identifying the errors and omissions committed and pressuring the Executive Branch to correct the adopted strategies.” The text must be approved by the Senate for the Parliamentary Front to be established.