Aziz says Covid-19’s CPI goes deep with VTCLog: ‘Something’s wrong’ – Prime Time Zone


An employee who withdraws more than R$4 million in cash and receives a salary of approximately R$2,000 hired one of the largest law firms in the country to defend him

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate Agency – 06/09/2021The CPI summit also criticized the decision of minister Nunes Marques, who released VTCLog’s motorcycle courier to testify to the commission

the president of CPI to Covid-19, Omar Aziz | (PSD-AM), reacted to the decision of the minister Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which released the motobou from VCTLog, Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva, to testify to the commission. Also on Tuesday, 31, the company’s CEO, Andréia Lima, said that he could not appear before the Senate to testify due to “unpostponable commitments” and “prior agenda” in the city of São Paulo. “Mrs. Andréia Lima made herself available several times, she sought me out in my office, full of explanations for coming here. Now the CPI will focus on the testimony of everyone at VTCLog. We will go deep with VTCLog until CPI concludes [os seus trabalhos]”, Says Aziz.

Omar Aziz clarified that the motorcycle courier is not being investigated by the CPI of Covid-19. According to the commission’s president, the senators want to clarify the reasons for the withdrawal of almost R$ 5 million in cash from ATMs. The PSD congressman also questioned the fact that an employee who receives a low salary (approximately R$ 2 thousand per month) has hired “one of the largest law firms” in the country – the lawyer Alan Diniz Moreira de Ornelas, who represents the motorcycle courier , has already defended Fabrício Queiroz, former advisor to senator Flávio Bolsonaro, and militia member Adriano da Nóbrega, who died in Bahia in February 2020.

“He is a witness who was used to withdraw money to take to someone. These nearly five million reais that he withdrew from banks, mainly from Bradesco and from the Caixa Econômica Federal branch at Brasília’s international airport, he did not withdraw to take to his house. Withdrew to take someone. It is not a small amount, it is very large”, he said. “A simple witness moved one of the biggest offices to defend him. Some are wrong. Ivanildo is unable to pay an office that signed this petition. It’s evident. If Dr. Andréia really wanted to clarify, she would be here today. She would catch a plane in São Paulo at 7 am and be here at 10 am. Now let’s go deeper, we have time to investigate the VTCLog”, he added.

The vice-president of the commission, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), presented a new request for the summons of Ivanildo Gonçalves. The congressman wants to clarify to Minister Nunes Marques “why we need the presence of the office boy here.” The senator also proposed the summoning of other VTCLog directors. They are: Raimundo Nonato Brasil, the company’s financial operation; Roberto and Tereza Sá, majority partners; and Flávio Loureiro de Souza. According to the deputy of the collegiate, the CPI has information that Loureiro “has a lot of influence on the contract” of the company with the Ministry of Health.

Andréia was summoned after Nunes Marques to release Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva from testifying to the commission – his hearing was scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, 31. In the monocratic decision, taken late on Monday, 30, the magistrate, appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro to the Court, said that there was no “congruence” between the facts that determined the opening of the CPI of Covid-19 and those that served as the basis for summoning the motoboy. As Young Pan showed, the collegiate appealed and asked that the injunction “be immediately reconsidered”. In the regimental appeal filed by the Senate Advocacy, the senators claim that they received the decision with “perplexity”. Also according to the appeal, if the understanding is not revised with utmost urgency, the parliamentary commission will appeal to the Supreme Court.