Badulu OK .. What about the bars?


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: It is learned that the state government has announced that it is temporarily closing educational institutions in the wake of the spread of the corona virus. While health officials are concerned about a ‘second wave’, there is a growing demand for the same rules to apply to theaters, shopping malls, bars and political parties. Now people are not taking the rules as seriously as they did in March last year. Shopping malls, theaters, shops, government offices, sanitizers in many places are not available.

There are allegations that the government is doing the same in enforcing the armed forces as much as the people are negligent in following the ‘Kovid’ rules. It is an open secret that in the recent Dubaka, GHMC and MLC elections, all the political parties blew up the Kovid rules. The same is unlikely to be repeated in the forthcoming Nagarjunasagar Assembly by-election.

Shops, government offices, movie theaters, wine shops, bars, shopping malls, function halls, political houses, and many other places do not follow Kovid rules. Government officials who repeatedly warn that people are in groups are committing violations. After the announcement of the PRC as the venue for the CM KCR assembly, the police and officials remained silent about the anointings carried out by the union leaders and the programs organized by hundreds of people in the name of honoring the leaders.

The government should be serious

It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the ‘Kovid’ rules are implemented. We are seeing what is happening in Maharashtra due to that lack of integrity. No rules apply to bars or wines. When people are negligent the government should enforce it through ‘enforcement’. The state government should issue a circular stating that a fine of Rs. How many cases have been filed so far? How many people were fined? Not wearing a mask is not the only thing that matters to that person. Applicable to society. City buses also carry standing. The situation at malls, wholesale shops and political meetings gives the impression that a corona bomb will explode. The situation will get worse as the government lacks integrity.
– Harish Daga, social worker

Need a break with ‘Social Distance’

Regardless of the opinion on the closure of educational institutions, the spread of the virus is exacerbated by the proximity of non-compliance with social distance. In educational institutions, children are transmitted from one person to another by sitting side by side. Children of play age may not know social distance preference. Offices, hospitals, malls, markets .. Kovid rules do not apply in many places. No one takes it seriously. Even masks are not worn as the perception among the public is that the virus is ever gone.
– Venkat, School Parents Association

The government has no integrity.

The government should fix it when people miss the groove. If the government itself is negligent the situation will get out of control. Happening right now. Parents are already worried about the government’s decision to hold physical classes under any pressure. The government has failed to see to it that the precautions taken in the assembly are implemented in the state rather than spreading the corona. Kovid ignored the rules when he moved thousands of people to the CM’s house in Halia. The government has not even taken into account whether Kovid regulations are being enforced in bars, pubs, clubs, shopping malls and city buses. People are also roaming the roads in line with the comments made in the case of CM Mask.
– Dasoju Shravan, Congress leader