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Balconies: how to keep them organized and attractive


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If we can no longer stand the disorganized house, we will soon provide a general cleaning. We clean from the hall to the bathroom. We move from room to room. But it is possible that we forget about open spaces on this day. Then, eventually, we will get some air and come across the balcony of the property disorganized.

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What makes a balcony unorganized?
Well, this is a very interesting question. In fact, how can an environment that is theoretically less important and used inside the home get disorganized?

It is because of this, because we go less often in this point of the property during our day, we can first think that it is the perfect area to deposit junk. Second, we simply forget to put it on our to-do list. A feather.

Suddenly, when we enter the environment, we are surprised by the mess. And do you know what the worst part is?

It is that, with the organized balcony, we could be more attracted to it, making better use of this space, integrating it better with the other social environments of the house. And, in addition, such an environment can gain more features, as well as serve as a mini office. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Every space counts.

SP Estudio Balconies: how to keep them organized and attractive Environment created by SP Estudio

Environment created by SP Estudio (Press Release / Press Release)

What to have or not to have in the decoration of the balcony?
Now, what is a balcony for? You can say: “for rest, relaxation and contemplation of the landscape”.

Well, it also serves as a meeting point for friends and family, including for conversation and preparation with food tasting – as happens in gourmet areas. And this leads us to have on the balconies some types of seats and tables or benches.

What is not common and that can also be considered is to have cabinets on the balcony of the house. Of course, everything will depend on the environmental conditions.

For example, if this space in the house can eventually be closed, protecting the place from the action of rain and strong winds. Hence nothing would prevent having several cabinets in its decoration. We see very interesting examples of this in the images of this text.

In these images there are balconies with open niches to embed even cellars. Also tall cabinets for storing brooms, vacuum cleaners, Christmas ornaments and more – like an extra deposit.

Bookcases and sideboards with books and toys. And even trunk benches with hidden spaces perfect for storing some of the junk lost on the balconies in an organized way.

Maria Helena Torres Balconies: how to keep them organized and attractive Environment created by Maria Helena Torres

Environment created by Maria Helena Torres (Press Release / Press Release)

What to do to make your balcony more pleasant?
What can make the porch decor seem more organized is the quantity and layout, in addition to the prints and textures, of the elements in your layout.

Explaining better, the more visual information you try to put in this environment, the more chances of making mistakes, the more the environment will appear disorganized and even dirty. Take care. Do not exaggerate. Remember the well-known phrase that says “less is more”.

Try to choose the larger pieces of this decoration – such as sofas, armchairs, bookcases and sideboards – of the same material or in the same neutral tone.

Use the smaller elements – like cushions and even potted plants – to give those touches of color more intense to the scenery. And enjoy every corner of the free area you can, but not too much. Calm down, we will continue to explain it to you better.

Balconies are open areas that have an impact on the façade of the buildings. Its walls cannot be fully used vertically – at least not without permission from the condominium, if it is an apartment building.

Antonio Armando de Araujo Balconies: how to keep them organized and attractive Environment created by Antonio Armando de Araujo

Environment created by Antonio Armando de Araujo (Press Release / Press Release)

Take advantage of these surfaces to create hanging gardens and vertical gardens. This super blends with balcony decor.

Now, what is the area left to have the furniture that will help in the organization of the balcony then? Well, it is obvious that it is the floor. However, we must also be careful not to compromise circulation on the site.

Or even in placing furniture pieces near the parapet – if the environment is a balcony -, putting the safety of the residents at risk. For the rest, it is like solving a puzzle.

Time for you to organize your balcony! Remember: use furniture and other elements that provide functionality and at the same time organize spaces.

These decoration tips were created by the Viva Decora team.


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