Banana: Does the stomach increase .. decrease with the banana ..? Do you know the facts that the researchers have concluded .. – Melt Belly Fat With Banana


Melt Belly Fat With Banana: The answer researchers give to the question of how to lose weight by eating bananas is that more bananas

Melt Belly Fat With Banana: To the question of how to lose weight by eating bananas, researchers say that eating more bananas will help you gain weight and eating only 2 bananas a day will help you lose weight. Let’s find out how. Potassium, which is high in bananas, protects the body from excess water. Sometimes, water enters the stomach during illness. Stomach bloating with dham is increasing in size day by day. To prevent this from happening, eat two bananas a day to prevent water from entering the stomach. Also eat more cooked foods and curries instead of fried foods. Researchers suggest that by doing this you will become thinner.

Banana fruit has pro-biotic properties which help in the growth of good bacteria in the body. These bacteria digest the food we eat and cause it to be digested. When digestion is good then fat accumulation is not a condition. The result is less fat around the abdomen and waist so that the stomach is eaten. Bananas are also high in vitamin B. It does not allow fat to build up in the body. Fat-producing genes are present in our body. This vitamin makes them inactive. When those genes become inactive, then there is no more fat storage .The stomach does not come.

If you really do not want to get serious, you should cut down on eating… 2 bananas a day, as well as spicy food fries, spices, pizzas, burgers and chips. Researchers say that as soon as you start doing this, your stomach will shrink very quickly.

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