BCP foresees the departure of 800 workers and admits collective dismissal


Miguel A. Lopes / Lusa

O presidente do Millennium BCP, Miguel Mayalll

The president of BCP said this Monday that more than 800 workers should leave the bank, below the initial target of 1,000, but that it depends on the employees who agree to terminate and maintain the possibility of resorting to collective dismissal.

Asked in the presentation of results for the first half (profits of 12.3 million euros) if the bank’s objective is the departure of 1,000 workers, Miguel Maya said that this was the initial objective but that, “after hearing the Workers’ Commission and the unions, the main objective is in the order of 800 workers”, “closer to 800 than 900”.

However, he said, it is this “number if people leave who have to leave”.

The manager added that the bank decided do not make a voluntary membership to termination programs, but choose whoever leaves, as “it doesn’t matter where people leave”.

And he added that the plan is to comply “in its entirety this year”, that the bank is not available to delay the process.

Asked if he can retreat in the intention of collective dismissal, as requested by the workers’ representative structures, Maya stated that the BCP has defined the people it wants to leave and that, if this does not happen, “they may demand unilateral measures”, that is, dismissals.

According to the manager, this is not pressure, but talking “with transparency and truth”. “We would like to avoid it, unfortunately it is not always possible”, he added.

Regarding the availability of BCP to allow early retirements from 55 years of age onwards (the bank only proposes early retirements for those aged 57 or over, with the aim of making savings, according to the workers’ structures), Miguel Maya did not respond, noting that he only talks about this matter with the workers’ representatives.

On July 13, the seven unions in the banking sector staged a demonstration in front of the Assembly of the Republic, against the dismissals, leaving a national strike on the table.

Last week, UGT sent a letter to the prime minister, António Costa, in which he said suspect cartelization among big banks for a reduction of jobs in the sector.

This Monday, Miguel Maya denied and said that what is happening is that each bank assesses the changes in the industry and takes action.

“Following this line of thought, we would be in concert with Spanish and Italian banks… There is a clear understanding of the challenges ahead,” he said.

Also in the presentation of results, the executive president of BCP he said the restructuring plan has a cost of around €90 million this year, but will lead to annual savings of €35 million in the future.

BCP today reported profits of 12.3 million euros in the first half of this year, 84% less than in the same period in 2020. The accounts include expenditures of 87.2 million euros for restructuring costs in Portugal.

There was also a reinforcement of 214.2 million euros in provisions for losses related to credits in Swiss francs granted in BCP’s operation in Poland.