Bihar Chief Minister makes key remarks at Nitish Aayog meeting .. Demand for implementation of ‘One Nation-One Electricity Rate’ – Nitish kumar demands one nation one rate


While non-BJP states are gawking at the new power amendment laws, the Bihar chief minister has put the new proposal before the Center.

Nitish kumar Electricity demands: While non-BJP states are gagging on new power amendment laws, Bihar Chief Minister has put a new proposal before the Center. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that Bihar is losing money as electricity prices vary from state to state. It is hoped that the power rate will be the same for all states. He directed the Center to implement a ‘one country-single electricity rate’ policy. He made the demand on Saturday at the 6th meeting of the Nitish Aayog Governing Council. He said states like Bihar would benefit if the policy was implemented. Under the current policy, Bihar will have to buy electricity at a higher price compared to other states.

Nitish Kumar reminded that power consumption has increased in Bihar. In 2005, Bihar used only 700 MW of electricity. He said conditions in the state had changed in the last fifteen years and power consumption had reached 5,932 MW by June 2020. Nitish Kumar said that the price of electricity supplied by the central government power plants varies from state to state. Bihar state has to pay higher prices for electricity. He said more funds should be allocated to power distribution companies with the aim of providing electricity to the people at affordable prices. Nitish Kumar demanded implementation of ‘one country-one electricity rate’ policy. He said it would be better for the country to follow the same rate policy.

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