Bird flu outbreak: Center high-alert for states, setting up special control room


Bird Flu Scare: The Central Government is on high alert as bird flu cases are on the rise in the country. Take flu prevention measures from time to time.

Bird Flu Scare: On the one hand, the corona, on the other hand, the new ‘strain’ is shaking the people .. Recently, another virus attack is preparing in the country. The same avian influenza (bird flu). Bird flu is currently spreading in the northern states. The central government is on high alert as bird flu cases are on the rise in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It also directed the respective states to create awareness among the people about the current situation and to take preventive measures against the flu from time to time.

Also, the Central Department of Animal Husbandry has set up a special control room for bird flu in Delhi to monitor the situation at all times. Also ordered that the dead birds be buried according to protocol. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries should take appropriate precautions against the spread of bird flu.

The first case of bird flu came to light in Rajasthan. The latest cases were reported in two districts of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh as avian influenza (bird flu). This has led to bird flu tensions in the respective states. Ducks and chickens are dying in Kottayam and Alappuzha districts of Kerala. 12,000 ducks died during the week.

Their samples were sent to labs and found to contain the avian flu virus H5N8 virus. It is a very dangerous virus that can spread rapidly in birds, say researchers. With this, the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also focusing on the current situation. Meanwhile, officials of the Telugu State Animal Husbandry Department are also on high alert in the wake of the threat of bird flu due to migratory birds. Many suggestions were given to the people.

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