Bolsonaro acts end doubts about coup narratives, says government leader in Senate – Prime Time Zone


According to Fernando Bezerra Coelho, although he has ‘visions that can generate noise’, the president has reiterated support for the democratic regime

Geraldo Magela / Senado AgencyFernando Bezerra Coelho cited the legitimacy conferred on the president to promote changes, including in positions that make up the command of the Armed Forces

The recent changes in the federal government team seek, above all, to expand the support base and the “buy-in” of the president Jair Bolsonaro on Chamber of Deputies. The evaluation is by the government leader in the Federal Senate, Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB). For the parliamentarian, the changes will boost the agenda advance government in National Congress. “Six votes were left for the PEC Emergency quorum to vote [na Câmara], which ended up being dehydrated in relation to the text that left the Senate. This change in the team reinforces political support in the Chamber, strengthens the political power and approaches the parties of the Center to advance the reform agenda ”, he said in an interview to Jornal da Manhã, from Young pan, this Wednesday, 31. “The move in the ministries is to reinforce the president’s bankroll, especially in the Chamber, so that he can speed up reforms, for his agenda and can resume investment in Brazil, which will generate jobs and income. ”

Fernando Bezerra Coelho cited the unquestionable prerogative of the president regarding changes in the ministries, noting that the chief executive has “legitimacy conferred by popular election”. “He cannot discuss the president’s prerogatives to promote the changes that are necessary in his team in his vision of what he should improve, in order to rescue his command, his authority, in order to improve the areas he identifies. that they are defending from the point of view of attending to the population’s complaints. The prerogative of the composition of the ministerial team is 100% of the President of the Republic. Just as he can deal with the Chief Minister of the Civil House, the Minister of Justice, he will also be able to hold the positions of the Minister of Defense and of those who make up the command of the Armed forces, who are part of the ministry. ”

When asked about a possible intention of the president to equip a military coup in the country, the senator minimized the possibility and highlighted Bolsonaro’s commitment to democracy. “The president’s actions remove any doubt about these narratives, produced for political and ideological purposes. The president recently called a meeting with heads of the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive branches, with presidents of institutions such as the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the presence of governors, created a coordination and centralization committee for planning actions to confront The pandemic. The president has reiterated his commitment to the democratic regime. But it is evident that he has visions that, at times, can generate noise and heated debates, but the president has reiterated his objective of submitting to popular judgment, of submitting his administration to the appreciation of Brazilians. ”