Bolsonaro says he will talk personally with Ciro Nogueira before making a decision about the Ministry – Prime Time Zone


President said that a possible appointment of the senator to the Ministry of the Civil House would improve dialogue with parliament

MATEUS BONOMI/AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY/ESTADÃO CONTENT -03/22/2021President Jair Bolsonaro spoke about nomination during live this Thursday

The president Jair Bolsonaro he stated, during his live on Thursday, 22, that he will talk personally with the senator Ciro Nogueira (PP) next Monday, before confirming the appointment of the parliamentarian as minister of Civil House… “Vor talk to him on Monday and then make the decision. It’s not going to be an internet wedding,” Bolsonaro said when answering a question from one of the program’s commentators “The Drops On The Is“, gives Young pan. “Awe believe that a better dialogue with the parliament would be a senator”, he said. The president also spoke about the fact that Nogueira had criticized him in the past. “Ton video running on the internet that he called me a fascist back there. Yes, it did. Things change. I had positions in the past that I don’t take on anymore. I changed”, he declared. Asked about a possible affiliation with Nogueira’s party, the PP, Bolsonaro confirmed that he is talking to the party, but said he has not yet made a decision. “TI have to join a party that wants me and that I want too, that has the security of everything we’ve agreed to really assert itself”, he affirmed.

During the live, the president also complained about the criticism of the allied parliamentarians who voted in favor of the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO), which includes the increase of the electoral fund to BRL 5.7 billion. Bolsonaro said Eduardo Bolsonaro, Bia Kicis, Carla Zambelli and others voted in favor of the LDO, not the fundão. The representative also said that he will veto the proposal. “ANDu I ask you to reflect on the criticisms you made of these parliamentarians”, he said. “NoIt’s not fair for you to criticize deputies and senators who are aligned with us as if they were executioners, those people who wanted the party fund in that amount, it’s not true”, he defended.

Watch the live of President Jair Bolsonaro this Thursday, 22, on the program “Os Pingos Nos Is”: