Bolsonaro’s speech on September 7 complicates the environment for Mendonça’s approval to the STF – Prime Time Zone


Leaders estimate that about 50 senators are against the indication of the former AGU, record holder in the waiting time to be judged by the CCJ

Isaac Nobrega/PRAccording to senators interviewed by Prime Time Zone, Bolsonaro’s ‘letter to the nation’ will not be able to reduce the indisposition with the government

If the president’s speech Jair Bolsonaro no September 7th with attacks on the Supreme Court (STF) and to the minister Alexandre de Moraes made it grow in Chamber of Deputies the mobilization of congressmen in favor of the impeachment of the head of the federal Executive, in the Senate, the collateral effect affects the former attorney general of the Union André Mendonça, nominated for the vacancy of the minister Marco Aurélio Mello at the Supreme Court. In the evaluation of party leaders, the environment for the approval of the “terribly evangelical” name, which was no longer the best, deteriorated.

André Mendonça’s situation is unprecedented. In comparison with the current members of the STF, the former AGU is the record holder in the waiting time to be judged. The nomination was made official on July 13th, therefore, after discounting the two weeks of parliamentary recess, there are already more than 40 days waiting – with 29 days, Minister Rosa Weber was the one who most awaited the approval of the Committee on Constitution and Justice ( CCJ). As Young Pan showed, one of the main focuses of resistance to Mendonça is senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of the CCJ. At the end of August, when Bolsonaro submitted a request to impeach Moraes, the former president of the Senate warned allies at the Palácio do Planalto that there was no climate for the analysis. For the senators, the country’s president raised the crisis to another level with speeches on Tuesday, 7. In this scenario, not even the declaration to the nation, published on Thursday, 9, was able to alleviate the House’s indisposition Discharge of the National Congress in relation to the government. The retreat is viewed with caution by leaders, who are skeptical about the term of the truce.

According to calculations by those who oppose the nomination, there are approximately 50 votes against the former AGU – to be approved, he needs the approval of 41 of the 81 senators. Parliamentarians also claim that the name chosen by Bolsonaro was “left to its own devices”. In his journey in search of support, Mendonça even used the government’s leadership office in the National Congress for meetings, but since he was appointed, his main allies have been evangelical pastors, including Silas Malafaia. In the next few days, even a caravan of religious leaders should go to Brasília to try to solve this impasse. THE Young pan, senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF), leader of the acronym, believes in the approval of André Mendonça for the relationship created by the lawyer with lawmakers. “I think he has the number of votes for approval. Despite the government, but there is”, he said.