Boy Kidnapped: New twist in six-year-old boy kidnapping case .. Investigation in full swing based on suspect photos .. – Six-year-old boy abducted by Chhattisgarh in Tirupati police released CCTV records crime


Police have speeded up the investigation into the kidnapping of a six-year-old boy Sahu in Tirupati. The kidnapper has also released visuals related to him along with the imaginary film. If the accused is found anywhere ..

Chhattisgarh Boy Abducted: Police have speeded up the investigation in the kidnapping case of six-year-old boy Sahu in Tirupati. The kidnapper has also released visuals related to him along with the imaginary film. People were advised to inform themselves immediately if the accused appeared anywhere. On the other hand, where did the kidnapper go when he abducted Sahu? Did you hide in the surrounding areas ..? Went to another place ..? Police are flipping through CCTV footage throughout the city with these suspicions. Urban SP Venkata Appalanaidu stayed under command control yesterday and spoke to the special teams investigating.

Six year old boy .. disappears and then becomes seven days. Sahu’s parents are eagerly awaiting when the baby will arrive. Do not take kunku .. do not swallow softly. Bedtime Mani is anxiously waiting for his son. The kidnapper begs them to leave their child unharmed. There is no one to comfort the burglars.

About 55 people from Kurud area in Chhattisgarh came in a bus to visit the temples in AP. On February 23 in Chhattisgarh .. On the 24th he visited Kanakadurga Amma in Vijayawada. He left for Srisailam on the 26th and reached Tirupati on the 27th. The kidnapper kidnapped the boy the same night while he was teasing near the Alipiri Link bus stand. Concerned parents complained to the police that the baby was missing. Alert police examined CCTV footage. At 9.50am the kidnapper was found carrying Sahu.

Sahoo was abducted at 9:20 pm on the 27th of last month. Three hours before that, the accused got into the car. After that Rekki managed with a pucca plan and took the boy away. The kidnapping of the child with such armor is shocking to everyone. Did you kidnap a well-known child ..? Or a professional kidnapper? The suspicions are expressed.

Police are widely scouring for the kidnapper. Along with AP, 10 special teams are patrolling in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Annavaram is mainly looking for a way to get the kidnapper out of the circle. The kidnapper was seen reading the paper while Sahu was spending time with his parents. Police believe that the accused is a local because it is a Telugu paper. The wind was blowing with the suspicion that he was hiding in the surrounding areas.

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