CDS leader says that the “only reflection” imposed on the party is to be an alternative to the PSD – ZAP


Rodrigo Antunes / Lusa

The president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos

The president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, warned today that the “only reflection that is necessary” for the party is to be an alternative to the PS, in a speech in which he did not refer to the criticisms of MEP Nuno Melo.

Right at the start of his speech at the closing of the centrist parliamentary days, which took place on Monday and today in São João da Madeira (district of Aveiro), Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos he considered that “it makes perfect sense for the party to look to the future and place importance on the need” to be “in the leadership of the PS opposition”.

The leader wants the CDS to “assert itself as a fundamental component in the political alternative in Portugal”, at a time when the “background” is “an increasing curtailment of freedoms by the socialist government, and in which its methods of government are increasingly totalitarian and radical”.

“I am absolutely certain that this is the only reflection that is imposed on the entire party, and above all on a fundamental instrument of the political action of the CDS-PP, such as our parliamentary bench”, he stressed, indicating that this “is the great theme” that led him to the parliamentary days.

“And that’s what I uncompromisingly invite everyone to do,” he said.

Although he did not refer to the criticism left last night by the Member of the European Parliament and leader of the CDS district of Braga, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos mentioned the name of Nuno Melo when he spoke of the case of the two brothers from Famalicão, “the land of Nuno Melo”, who failed the year at school because they had not attended citizenship classes.

In a long speech centered on the criticism of the Government and the PS, based on the motto that “freedom is threatened”, the centrist leader referred individually to the work of each of the five deputies and, at the end of his speech, he also wove a compliment to the deputy and candidate for mayor of São João da Madeira, João Almeida (who was also his opponent in the race for leadership at the last congress).

Rodrigues dos Santos said that João Almeida has a “difficult challenge”, but considered that he is “the person indicated to lead the center right to an electoral victory”, guaranteeing that he has the leadership in the campaign for the municipal elections of 26 September.

When the president of the CDS-PP arrived at the hotel and the room where the conferences took place, accompanied by members of the board, there were a few moments of silence, and at the end of his speech, the leader decided to leave, also refusing to speak. to journalists.

On Monday, at a dinner during the days where he was invited to speak about “The challenges of the Opposition”, the centrist MEP accused the party leadership of “entrenching” and “attacking their own”, and defended that the effort to aggregate the party it has to start “from the top to the bottom”.

Nuno Melo spoke of a “directive entrenchment” and defended that “a party cannot devalue the output of militants, a party cannot be focused on settling accounts and purging inwards, having the pretense of being simultaneously effective from the outside”, in a criticism of the reaction from the party president to the disaffiliation of former deputy Francisco Mendes da Silva.