Chicken rate declining during the festival!


Prime Time Zone Representative, Warangal: The Bird Flu Effect is overwhelming the poultry sector. Over the past fortnight, there has been a growing public outcry over the outbreak of bird flu in the state. Birds, chickens and ducks have already died of bird flu in almost 7 states. Against this backdrop, chicken lovers are staying away from buying as the publicity about the outbreak of bird flu is spreading in the Telugu states as well. As a result, sales plummeted. Chicken traders have slashed prices as demand has fallen. However, it is noteworthy that purchases are not growing. Fifteen days ago, a kilo of chicken was sold for over Rs 250 in Warangal and Hanmakonda towns. Consumers are scrambling to make purchases following the publicity surrounding the outbreak of bird flu. The price of a kilo of chicken fell to Rs 150 in Warangal on Monday. Sales were also below Rs 160 in towns like Janagama, Mahabubabad, Narsampet, Parakala, Stationhinghpur, Wardhannapet and Bhupalpally. It is noteworthy that traders in Palakurti sell for as little as Rs 140k.

A merchant consciousness ..

He directed a chicken trader in Phase-1 of Warangal Teachers’ Colony. He said that there was treble during the festive season, but at least 30 kg is not being sold every day at present. Chicken purchases are on the rise in the cities due to fears of bird flu. It is noteworthy that the traders did not agree with the traders on how much hen to take. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening.

Poultry farmers holding heads

Anxiety among the newly batch-run farmers was aroused as the existing poultry market was not functioning properly. Many farmers lined up in batches targeting the Sankranthi festival market. They plan to vacate the farm by entering the market in 40 to 45 days. However, for the past three days, traders have been struggling to make their way into the market and have been trying to reach out to the centers. Feeding the raised chickens does not mean keeping the heads for years to come. Awareness is expressed that in the present circumstances the losses may be reversed. Demand for chicken is usually highest during the months of December and January. Poultry farmers are facing unforeseen losses due to bird flu outbreaks.

No one can buy chicken: Banotu Mahesh, Chicken Center Manager, Kesamudram
Not many people buy chicken like in the past. Bird flu is not coming forward to make purchases out of panic. Although there is no confirmation of bird flu near me, people are still afraid to buy chicken. Not even a quarter of what used to be sold on a daily basis is currently being sold.

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