Ciro counters Lula and asks: ‘can you explain an agreement to assault Brazil again?’ – Young pan


Presidential questioning alliances with politicians accused of corruption and says that PT was disrespectful to victims of Covid-19

Photo: José Cruz/Agência BrasilCiro Gomes criticizes Lula’s alliances after saying he regrets having been against Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment

The public discussion between Ciro Gomes, possible presidential candidate in 2022, and politicians petistas to be continued. After Dilma Rousseff, it was the turn of the politician from PDT direct offenses to the former president Lula, another listed as a candidate in next year’s election. After Ciro stated that Lula articulated for Dilma’s impeachment, the former president said that Ciro could have been forgotten as a sequel to Covid-19. The former governor of Ceará responded by criticizing Lula’s comment and questioning the alliances with politicians accused of corruption, saying that they would ‘assault again’ Brazil.

“I had Covid in October of last year. I’m fine and I didn’t have sequels. But it would be tragic to have a moral sequel, like that of the notorious Lula, who with this infamous comment has just assaulted millions of Covid’s dead and survivors. Now, with no bullying, shouting or pseudo-funny escape, you can explain the agreement with Renan to the Brazilian people [Calheiros], Eunicio [Oliveira], [Romero] Juca, Geddel [Vieira Lima], Eduardo Cunha and Sergio Cabral to attack Brazil again?” said Ciro on Twitter. On Wednesday, 14, Ciro had already argued with Dilma Rousseff, calling her incompetent and saying that he regretted having tried to prevent her from being impeached in 2016, while the former president accused him of misogyny and of lying to try to rise in election polls.