Ciro Nogueira accepts Bolsonaro’s invitation to take over the Civil House – Prime Time Zone


‘It’s all agreed, you’ve already accepted it’, a co-religionist of the senator, national president of Progressistas, the main acronym of the Centrão, told Prime Time Zone

Senate AgencyCiro Nogueira is on vacation outside Brazil, but he has already communicated his decision to the chiefs of the Centrão

the senator Ciro Walnut (PP-PI) accepted the president’s invitation Jair Bolsonaro to take over the Civil House, occupied by Luiz Eduardo Ramos. The Army Reserve General should be transferred to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, currently headed by Onyx Lorenzoni. To house Lorenzoni, the Planalto Palace will recreate a portfolio that, in the past, was the Ministry of Labour. “It’s all agreed, you’ve already accepted it,” he told Young pan a co-religionist of Nogueira, national president of Progressistas. The acceptance has even been communicated to members of the Centrão and party colleagues. The congressman, one of the Planalto Palace’s main allies in Congress, is on vacation outside Brazil. The agreement, according to the report, had been sewn in recent days, but was sealed this Tuesday afternoon, 20th.

As Young Pan showed, Nogueira’s appointment to the Civil House expands the presence of the Centrão in the Bolsonaro government and represents a “stroke” to the Senate. A few months ago, parliamentarians had been demanding that the Planalto Palace approach the senators. In other moments of the administration, deputies were granted important ministries and posts in the Republic. These are the cases, for example, of Tereza Cristina (minister of Agriculture and deputy elected by the DEM), Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS), Marcelo Álvaro Antonio (former minister of Tourism, deputy elected by the PSL of Minas Gerais), Fábio Faria (Minister of Communications and Deputy for the PSD of Rio Grande do Norte and Flávia Arruda (Minister of the Secretary of Government and deputy elected by the PL of the Federal District) It is also in the Senate that the CPI of Covid-19 advances against the government – the commission was installed to investigate the actions and omissions of the Planalto in fighting the pandemic and exposed members and former members of the administration, such as Elcio Franco Filho and Eduardo Pazuello.