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Coins heard Salgado (but refuses to do anything)


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Mário Cruz / Lusa

The former governor and current candidate for the Lisbon Chamber Carlos Moedas admitted, in the parliamentary commission of inquiry to the losses of the Novo Banco attributed to the Resolution Fund, that he received Ricardo Salgado in May 2014 to hear the concerns about the financial situation of Grupo Espírito Santo (GES).

Carlos Moedas, a former European commissioner and current PSD candidate for the Lisbon City Council, is being heard this Tuesday at the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the losses of Novo Banco attributed to the Resolution Fund.

According to the Observer, Carlos Moedas admitted that he received Ricardo Salgado in May 2014 for listen to concerns about the financial situation Grupo Espírito Santo (GES) because it was their job to listen to private companies.

However, the former assistant secretary of state for Passos Coelho rejected the idea that he should have done something, since it was not his role in the government.

“My responsibility in the Government was to close with the troika the adjustment program, ”said Moedas, recalling that he was dealing with structural reforms in the various areas of the economy. “I was not in a position to be able to transmit or make a decision” about the GES / BES case.

The PSD candidate also said that Salgado informed him that I was contacting other members of the Government, including the Prime Minister.

“In addition to being in the middle of closing hundreds of measures of troika“, Salgado” knew that I had no power and I knew that he was talking to other members of the Government, “said Moedas, justifying why he did not convey the concerns to the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance. “It was my job to listen to them, yes, it was not my job to do something in the government”.

Coins said it also has no record of the information in the memorandum it received and, according to which, GES would have a liability of 7.6 billion euros, but underlined that this problem would not be that of taxpayers, but of shareholders and creditors.

The former governor also considered Salgado’s request, made by telephone in June 2014, to intervene with the president of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) strange. “A bank president calls me to meet with the president of another bank? It was so strange ”.

Moedas said that he spoke to the then president of CGD to express his strangeness and concern, but refused any intervention scenario in favor of BES / GES in the Government of which it was a part.

“It would never be permissible for the then Prime Minister [Passos Coelho] make any kind of phone call to a bank to ask for a credit or influence a loan decision. It was outside the DNA of governance. It never crossed my mind ”, he assured.

On the written answers he gave in 2015 about his concern with BES / GES and the clean exit of the program from troika, Currencies devalued the connection, remembering that his knowledge of a group problem – and not from the bank.

Critics heat up hearing of Coins

The Novo Banco inquiry committee heated up with criticism of Parliament, according to the ECO.

The PSD accused the PS of to instrumentalize Parliament for political purposes by calling Coins to testify, in a “despicable” and “shameful” attitude on the part of the socialists. “The PS is already seeing engineer Carlos Moedas as mayor of Lisbon. Prepare yourself, Mr. Engineer, that this is just the beginning ”, shot Duarte Pacheco.

For the PSD, Coins was called to the survey for applying against Fernando Medina to Lisbon. “In view of this PS behavior, we do not agree with the instrumentalization and electoral campaign that we want to do here and we have no questions to ask,” he added.

Socialist deputy João Paulo Correia considered that it is “not abnormal” to call Moedas, as he had privileged contact with Salgado before the fall of BES. “It is abnormal to propose auditions for Francisco Louçã, Daniel Bessa, João Salgueiro [como o PSD queria]. That is what is instrumentalizing the commission of inquiry ”, he replied.

Before, other parties had already criticized the socialists. André Silva, from PAN, accused the PS of “Prefer to play to election campaigns” when the commission of inquiry could have called the hacker Rui Pinto and tried to understand the diversion of funds to offshores.

“The same PS that dramatizes so much with laws gooseberry of PAN on the post of governor of Banco de Portugal is the same party that, to defend the interests of Medina, calls for a hearing gooseberry over the knee, ”he criticized.

Cecília Meireles, from CDS and who belonged to the Passos Coelho Government, said that Moedas “committed the sin of running for the country’s capital chamber” and that “if he had rested at home, wouldn’t be here today”.

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