Congress is not able to play the role of opposition effectively .. hence joining BJP: Koona Srisailam – Former MLA Joined in BJP


Former Kutch MLA Koona Srisailam Gowda has joined the Lotus Party by hand. In Delhi, BJP national president Nadda was draped in an amber scarf.

Kuna Srisailam Goud Joined in BJP The BJP in Tamenanna Dheema is expected to come to power in Telangana in the coming elections. Akka is recruiting strong leaders institutionally as it has already emerged that she is an alternative to the ruling party. The squatting hand is gently covering the party leaders with an infusion scarf. As part of this, former Kutch MLA Koona Srisailam Gowda joined hands and joined the Lotus Party.

BJP is strengthening in Telangana .. Congress party leaders are keeping pace. Meanwhile, former MLA and Medchal district Congress party president Koona Srisailam Gowda has resigned from the Congress party. He has been dissatisfied with the affairs of the Congress party for the last while. He resigned from all positions in the party, including the primary membership of the party. He sent his resignation letter to PCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy and joined the BJP. He went to Delhi and covered himself with an amber scarf in the presence of BJP national president Jayaprakash Nadda.

Koona Srisailam, who was hoping for a Congress party ticket for the Kutch Assembly constituency in the 2009 elections, was disappointed. With this he contested as an independent candidate and won. Since then, despite some dissatisfaction with the party, the Congress has remained in the party with the changed political landscape. However, Kuna alleged that the Congress party has not been able to play the role of opposition effectively for the last six years. Srisailam said the party had changed with the perception that the BJP was the right party to fight the TRS.

The BJP, which carried out Operation Hyderabad, will be successful in that task. Kamal, who was exceptionally strong in the GHMC elections, is now in the process of attracting leaders of other parties. The arrival of proper recognition in the existing party is inviting the orange scarf down to the tune of disgruntled leaders.

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