Coronavirus updates in India: Rising corona calm in the country .. Latest new cases, deaths are as follows .. – coronavirus / india-reports-25320 -new-covid-19-cases-161-deaths-in-the-last-24-hours


Coronavirus updates in India: The incidence of coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. With the recent decline in corona cases across the country rising again

Coronavirus Updates In Indi

Coronavirus updates in India: The incidence of coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. Concerns have been raised that corona cases, which have recently declined across the country, are on the rise again. Recently there have been thousands of cases in a row. In the last 24 hours, 25,320 corona cases were reported across the country, according to the Union Ministry of Medical Health. The total number of corona cases in the country, including the latest cases, is 1,13,59,048 crore. The epidemic has killed 161 people across the country in the last 24 hours. Together, the death toll has risen to 1,58,607. To this end, the Union Ministry of Health released the Health Bulletin on Sunday morning.

Compared to corona cases .. the number of discharges is decreasing significantly every day. A total of 16,637 victims recovered from Corona yesterday. Together, 1,09,89,897 victims have so far recovered from the Kovid epidemic, according to the health ministry. There are currently 2,10,544 corona cases active in the country. Nationwide, the recovery rate was 96.82 percent, active cases 1.78 percent and deaths 1.40 percent.

Corona vaccination is also in full swing in the country. However, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the country followed by Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka. With this, action is being taken to impose lockdowns in many places.

In Maharashtra, 15,602 new cases were reported. 8047 cases are active. 7467 recovered. 88 people were killed recently. 2035 new cases were registered in Kerala. 1230 cases were active. 12 people were killed. In Karnataka, 921 new cases were registered. 72 cases were active. Recently someone died with Corona.

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