Costa makes promises again for OE2022 – and asks PS to reflect on the results of local authorities – ZAP


António Cotrim / Lusa

The Prime Minister, António Costa

The secretary general of the PS secretary general of the PS defended this Saturday the thesis that “without certain accounts there is no future” for the country and stressed that his government will never accept to question the external credibility of the Portuguese economy.

This warning was transmitted by António Costa, at the PS National Commission meeting, in a speech he delivered a few hours after his Government approved the State Budget for 2022, but in which he never referred directly to the socialists’ partners in parliament: PCP , PEV, Left Block and PAN.

After the warning, the socialist leader considered that, since 2016, it has always been possible to reconcile increased income and investment with “a sound management of public accounts”. But “without certain accounts there is no future”, declared before the members of the PS National Commission.

The PS secretary general defined as the main challenge “the maintenance of the international credibility” of the country. “It is this international credibility of a country with sound public finances that allows it to continue to attract foreign direct investment. This year we will make it beat the record for attracting foreign direct investment in Portugal, despite all the uncertainties that exist in the economy at a global level”, he claimed.

António Costa then reinforced the message: “It is this international credibility that can never be put at risk”.

“And we’ve already proven over these six budgets that it is possible, at the same time, to have investment-friendly budgets, that improve living conditions people and having a responsible public finance management that controls the deficit and with the concern to reduce indebtedness”, he defended.

According to António Costa, it was “with this financial slack” that “allowed the country to face the pandemic with force”. “Now that we’ve come to the pandemic, it’s necessary at the same time strengthen investment and household income., but never forgetting that without certain accounts there is no future”, he said.

Local authorities

Today, António Costa also admitted responsibility for the result that the PS had in the municipal elections of 26 September and argued that the PS must reflect on what happened.

Even insisting that the PS “won the local authorities, whatever the criterion for analyzing the electoral results”, the PS secretary general and prime minister acknowledged that there were national causes in some of the defeats and situations of loss of votes of his party in the last local elections, asking for internal reflection and attention to the voice of citizens, writes Público.

Without referring to concrete cases of defeats in some municipal councils, Costa argued that in his party it is known “for sure” that in many municipalities the causes of having lost “will be mostly local”. However, he stressed that “in others they are certainly not local and there is a national explanation for these results”.

“It is important that we reflect, because we have been in the Government for six years, we have successively won the elections that we have been in since then and it is important that the party knows how to listen to the voice of the citizens”, appealed the secretary general of the PS.