Costa: Portugal will have “double” the community funds to invest


António Pedro Santos / Lusa

The prime minister said, this Saturday, that Portugal will count, in the next seven years, with “double” of community funds for investment, considering that this “is a unique opportunity” that cannot be missed.

“We will have the opportunity to have, in the next seven years, on average, twice what we had to invest since joining and until now the European Union”, stressed the prime minister, in Portalegre.

António Costa, who was speaking at the session for the presentation of the PS’s candidacy to the Chamber of Portalegre, led by Luís Moreira Testa, underlined that “this is one of those situations where there isn’t even a second chance”.

It’s a unique opportunity and if we waste it, we will never be able to forgive ourselves and those who are the next generations will never forgive us if we do not comply”, he insisted.

The Socialist General Secretary pointed out that these financial resources of the European Union were made available to face “the need to respond, on a European scale, to the crisis generated by covid-19”.

In this sense, he warned, “it is absolutely essential to have at the head of the municipalities someone who has a clear vision of the strategy for their region and the ambition that each region be a engine of development of the country as a whole”.

Costa stressed that “in politics there are no paths without surprises” and that, now, there is “a pandemic that no one imagined” that could arise, but refused to “throw the towel to the ground” or “lower your arms”.

Considering that it is necessary to “find redoubled forces to continue doing” what was planned and “still do what became necessary to fight the pandemic”, the PS leader called for “a national mobilization” for the country’s recovery.

“If we have done this to fight the pandemic, we will certainly have the same spirit of unity, mobilization and collective and solidary sense in the country’s recovery process,” he added.

In his speech, among praise for the PS candidate, António Costa stated that the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) has “the necessary funds to carry out, once and for all, the Pisão Dam“, in the municipality of Crato, district of Portalegre.

The socialist candidate for the Municipality of Portalegre presented his main proposals for the council, highlighting the creation of jobs, by saying the word “employment” three times in a row.

“This is a decisive factor that makes our young people stay in Portalegre and that others find their place to live and work in Portalegre”, he stressed.

A attraction of new industries, whose area is at the “genesis” of the city, the creation of a new business reception area exclusively for technology companies and boosting “a city of culture” are other bets by Luís Moreira Testa.

The municipality of Portalegre is led by Adelaide Teixeira, elected by the Free and Independent Candidacy for Portalegre (CLIP), who has already announced her re-candidacy to try to win a third term.