Covid-19 CPI listens to businessman Luciano Hang, suspected of being part of a ‘parallel cabinet’ – Prime Time Zone


The owner of the Havan store chain will also be asked about the death certificate of his mother, Regina Hang, which was allegedly defrauded by Prevent Senior

reproductionThe businessman Luciano Hang

A CPI to Covid-19 receives this Wednesday, 29, the businessman Luciano Hang. The senators’ expectation is that the owner of the Havan store chain will provide clarification on the financing and the dissemination of false news about the pandemic and about his possible participation in the “parallel cabinet” of Health. In addition, the deponent should be asked about his mother’s death certificate, Regina Hang, which, according to the dossier sent to the collegiate by former doctors of the Prevent Senior, would have been rigged to hide the cause of death: coronavirus infection. As Prime Time Zone showed earlier, Luciano Hang’s testimony is not a consensus among Covid-19 CPI members. Part of the senators fear that Wednesday’s session will be tumultuous and unproductive. Luciano Hang, who is an outspoken supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, posted a video on social media this week in which he appears in handcuffs. He said he bought the object to be used if he was arrested during his testimony at the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI). “If by chance they don’t accept what I’m going to say, I’ve already bought a handcuff. I’ll hand out a key to each senator. And arrest me,” he said.