Covid-19’s CPI approves the summons of President Jair Bolsonaro’s lawyer – Prime Time Zone


Karina Kufa hosted a dinner in May last year, which was attended by lobbyists from Necessidade Medications who are in the commission’s sights

reproductionIn a statement, the president’s lawyer said that ‘barbecuing is not a crime’

A CPI to Covid-19 approved, on the morning of Tuesday, 31, the call request of the president’s lawyer Jair Bolsonaro, Karina Kufa. Quoted on Thursday, 26, in José Ricardo Santana’s testimony to the commission, she would have promoted a dinner, in May last year, at which the former executive director of a body linked to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) met Marconny Albernaz Faria, the target of an operation by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) of Pará and appointed as a lobbyist for the Need Medicines. As Young Pan showed, Santana and Faria sent Roberto Ferreira Dias, then director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health, a “step-by-step” to defraud a coronavirus test purchase process to benefit Need.

“In Ricardo Santana’s testimony, this Parliamentary Inquiry Commission brought to light a corruption scheme in the Ministry of Health. The folder was transformed into a real business counter, which continues to operate even in the face of the greatest health crisis of all times. The testimony of lawyer Karina Kufa is extremely important for the work of this CPI, as it can clarify her participation and that of other characters in her circle of friends in negotiations involving contracts with the Ministry of Health, which is why I ask for the approval of the present application”, says the application authored by senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

Karina Kufa will not be heard as a representative of the head of the federal Executive, but for having received, in her residence, lobbyists who are targeted by the commission. In a statement, the lawyer states that “barbecuing is not a crime”. “Meeting people is not a crime. The host is not necessarily linked to the acts, previous or subsequent, of the guests”, he said. “Out of respect for the people who follow the CPI sessions and, of course, out of respect for the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee itself, I would like to make it clear that I have no connection with the purchase or sale of vaccines and tests for Covid. I don’t advocate for any company contracted in the pandemic and I don’t know the representatives of Need Medicines”, added Karina Kufa.