Covid-19’s CPI will ask for Mayra Pinheiro’s removal from the Ministry of Health – Prime Time Zone


Voting for the application was agreed at the G7 committee meeting, on the night of Wednesday, 28; for senators, ‘chloroquine captain’ may obstruct investigations, if kept in office

Jefferson Rudy/Senate AgencySenator Humberto Costa also filed a request to recall the ‘chloroquine captain’

A CPI to Covid-19 will ask for the removal of Mayra Pinheiro of the Secretariat of Labor Management of the Ministry of Health. The vote on this request was agreed at a virtual meeting of the G7, the majority group of the commission, formed by independent and opposition parliamentarians, on Wednesday night, 28. In the evaluation of the collegiate members, the “chloroquine captain”, as she became known the server, can obstruct the investigations, if kept in the position. In addition, the senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) presented an application for the server’s recall. The work will resume on Tuesday, 3, with the testimony of the Reverend Amilton Gomes de Paula, who would have been authorized by the president’s government Jair Bolsonaro to negotiate the acquisition of 400 million doses of AstraZeneca with Davati Medical Supply. On the same day, the senators intend to vote on applications – until this Thursday morning, 29, 386 requests for summons, breaches of confidentiality, information and public hearings are ready to enter the agenda.