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Crazy memes .. Perfect punch


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Prime Time Zone Representative, Medical / Sherilingampally: The thing to say is that it should impress everyone. Youth chose a new language for this. Same memes .. saying things to say, doing things to do. That language is so connected to the youth. This is not just for Hyderabad youth but all the youth world wide are following the same trend now. The same has gone crazy on all platforms on social media. Traffic police are also widely publicized through memes. Opened to innovative propaganda that the rules were not violated.

Campaigning through memes, trolls ..

Traffic police are raising awareness among the public based on social media. The trolls they are doing are impressing the masses. What they are trolling is also to show wrong, but not to troll anyone personally. Social media is used to share punishments, fines, etc. for violations. They are trying to explain anything in their own language to make it understandable to the youth. This trend has been seen in the city for a few days. The memes and trolls posted on their Twitter accounts impress the youth. Recently the traffic police posted some photos and added memes to them to say it was wrong. With this, they are immensely appealing to the youth.

-A young man is driving a two-wheeler. However, do not expect to be heard if he runs normally. The boy was driving with his legs on the handle. Someone took a photo of the matter and sent it to the Cyberabad traffic police. The photo was tweeted by the Cyberabad traffic police.

“Look, Ra Wadi was asked what he would do if he gave a monkey a coconut shell,” the commenter said. For this, it is important to use the Venkatesh-Prakash Raj-Mahesh Babu frame from the movie Sirimalle Chettu in Seethamma Wakit. This post is impressing netizens. Many people are commenting and re-tweeting on this. Like. Some are asking that the number plate be shown as well.

– Do you remember the climax scene in the movie Attarintiki Daredi starring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan? ‘Nuvvemo 1300 Save Cheddavanni leg horizontal. But the police fined me another Rs 1,500, ”he posted on social media.

A young woman goes on a beck with her husband, Papa. She put her foot on the number plate on the back of the bike, saying that Chalana would have to pay if she knew about triple riding. However, the police seized the bike. It also includes how fine the bike is. If you want to escape the challans, follow the traffic rules. Also, do not do such stunts. Hyderabad traffic police has appealed to motorists.

-The Cyberabad Traffic Police Department tweeted on Twitter. It was a tweet aimed at those who deliberately hid the number plate. Chalana claimed on Twitter that it was a crime to deliberately hide the cart number plate to escape. The super hit movie ‘KGF’ created a meme with a scene from the movie saying that a criminal case can also be registered against it. He put a photo of a motorist who was making the number plate invisible and wrote the dialogue “Your police are doing it now”. Under the counter to this .. ‘Rs.500 more will be charged for deliberately making the cart number plate invisible’. Created with the ‘KGF’ movie scene, this meme impresses many.

Memes 2 Crazy memes .. Perfect punch

-Pakistan cricket team captain Sarfaraz’s photo was also used by our traffic police. A photo of Sarfaraz yawning loudly during a match between India and Pakistan as part of the World Cup is known to be viral. There were also many memes on social media about the photo. Now the same photo has been used by the Cyberabad police. The police who shared the photo of Sarfaraz yawning .. ” If you are falling asleep .. stop and do not drive too hard. That’s very dangerous, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. However, this photo has impressed netizens immensely. Many people are commenting that the police have a lot of sensuous humor. Has been done many times in the past as well.

Director Trivikram Srinivas Dialogue
With that one word, did you put your hands in both pockets and walk away like that .. Meem is sounding good now ..

Did you exit the group?

Ha .. yes if it is a group the corona will come .. that is why I exited. Exit yourself. Otherwise the corona falls.

Hey uko akka do you know about me ..
Lakshmi made a meme on the comedy track between Telangana Shankutala and Venumadav in the film. It continued to be very trending.
– With the increase in petrol prices, the delivery boys have to believe that these are the photos of bicycles with bikes ready and helmets shared.


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