Cricket match live in wedding hall .. ‘india vs england’ match .. Interesting guests .. Wherever .. – Family live streams Ind vs Eng Test match at wedding venue picture goes viral


It is known that LED TVs are being installed in the wedding hall in recent times. In it sitting away from the wedding ceremony taking place on the porch

It is known that LED TVs are being installed in the wedding hall in recent times. These LED TVs are installed so that even those sitting away can watch the wedding procession taking place on the porch. However, all the guests who came instead of the wedding ceremony on these LED TVs .. remained watching the cricket match live. On the one hand, everyone was engrossed in watching cricket as if the wedding was taking place. Photos related to this are currently going viral on social media.

The number of guests coming for good deeds has further decreased due to the effect of corona virus. The number of wedding guests is also on the decline. It is more difficult to get married when there is a longer cricket match. This is the first India vs England Test after the Kovid situation. That’s why everyone is watching this match with interest. But one family here thought strangely. Whether the wedding guests saw the wedding or not .. The family members installed LED TVs in the wedding hall with the intention of not missing the cricket match. In it, the cricket match was made live. The wedding guests watched the cricket live as if the wedding was in full swing. The photos were posted by Akshay Nataraj, a Twitter user. This is a Chennai Test where two Chennai boys are batting. How do we leave it? Captioned Happy Married Life The Anand. These photos are currently going viral on Netflix.

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