Cuban minister rebuts Bolsonaro: ‘You should be aware of the acts of corruption that involve him’ – Prime Time Zone


Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Cuba not last Sunday, 11. O biggest protest of the country’s recent history has become an international issue, even reaching Brazil. Given the situation, President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) has made statements, even defining the reality of Cuba as “rubber, beating and imprisonment”. In response to the statements, Bruno Rodríguez, Cuba’s foreign minister, used social media on Tuesday, 13, to reprimand Bolsonaro. “The president of Brazil should fix his negligent action that contributes to the regrettable death of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians by Covid and to the increase in poverty,” the chancellor noted on his Twitter profile. Concluding the criticisms, he also published that Bolsonaro “should be aware of the acts of corruption that involve him and not divert them by looking superficially at Cuba”.

In talk with supporters at Palácio da Alvorada this Monday, 12, the chief executive said that Brazil could experience the same political reality as the island, which lives under a communist regime. “Many people think that we will never get there, that we will never get there like in Venezuela. The people went to the streets to ask for food, how good is socialism, electricity and freedom. Do you know what they had yesterday? Rubber, bang and prison. And there are people here in Brazil who support Cuba and Venezuela,” he said. After the comments, the president took up the matter on his Twitter account. “All support and solidarity to the Cuban people, who courageously call for the end of a cruel dictatorship that massacres freedom while selling the illusion of a socialist paradise to the world. May democracy flourish in Cuba and bring better days to its people,” Bolsonaro published.