Demonstration against Bolsonaro closes Avenida Paulista this Saturday – Prime Time Zone


Concentration started around 3pm in the MASP span; act occupied several points of the avenue

Bruno Rocha/Estadão ContentAct occupied several points on the avenue

Several cities across the country registered protests against the president Jair Bolsonaro this Saturday, 24. In São Paulo, the act occupied several points of the Paulista Avenue, which needed to have the traffic stopped. The concentration began around 15:00 in the MASP span. This is the fifth protest against the organized government this year. Protesters called for the impeachment of Bolsonaro, defended vaccination against Covid-19 and emergency aid of R$ 600. At around 6 pm, with the dispersal of the act, the traffic was released. According to Military police, protesters broke windows at an Itaú bank branch near Rua da Consolação. The riot police act in the region. Six people were arrested for possessing “forbidden materials” at the demonstration, including a British punch. The PM did not specify what the other objects were. In addition to São Paulo, other capitals registered protests against the government this Saturday, such as Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Maceió, Salvador, João Pessoa, Palmas, Belém, Teresina, Cuiabá, Campo Grande, Goiânia, Boa Vista, Curitiba and São Luís, in addition to other cities within several States.