Denying the defense’s request, Alexandre de Moraes maintains breach of confidentiality of Ernesto Araújo – Prime Time Zone


To investigate the ‘regrettable negligence of the former chancellor to obtain vaccines and supplies during the pandemic’, Covid-19’s CPI imposed access to telephone and virtual records

Leopoldo Silva/Senate AgencyErnesto Araújo testified for almost seven hours at Covid-19’s CPI

In order to investigate the “regrettable negligence of the former chancellor to get vaccines and supplies for the country during the pandemic”, on June 10th, a CPI to Covid-19 determined the breaking of telephone and telematic confidentiality of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo. In response to the commission, the former chancellor called the Supreme Court (STF) for the third time to stop the breach of confidentiality. However, the claim was not accepted by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of the case at the Court. In an opinion published this Monday, 5, Moraes denied the defense’s request, thus maintaining the breach of confidentiality imposed by the CPI. “I deem the writ of mandamus unfounded. The analysis of the internal appeal filed in view of the decision that rejected the injunction is impaired. Let it be published”, registered the magistrate.

Moraes had already denied the defense’s request two other times, on June 12th and June 21st. With the breach of confidentiality, the commission will be able to access Araújo’s telephone records, as well as messages exchanged by the former minister via e-mail, messaging applications and social networks. Members of the investigation only have the right to collect records referring to the period in which the former minister was in government, between January 2019 and March 2021. Reinforcing that the annulment of the breach of confidentiality is “unfeasible”, Moraes completed his position pondering that, in this case, “there is no unquestionable right” of Ernesto Araújo.