Deputy defends that the 2nd instance PEC be submitted ‘immediately’ to the plenary of the Chamber – Prime Time Zone


According to Léo Moraes, after approval in the House, the text will be analyzed by the Federal Senate, where it may undergo alterations; proposal will not have retroactive effect

Maryanna Oliveira/Chamber of DeputiesAccording to the deputy, the idea, however, is that the second instance PEC is not retroactive

A Second instance PEC can resume processing at Chamber of Deputies. That’s because the federal deputy Leo Moraes (May) presented a request for the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) to be considered in plenary. The justification for the request is the fact of PEC 5/2021, which reformulates the National Council of the Public Ministry, have entry on this week’s agenda. With this, Léo Moraes wants to guarantee “the same priority and speed” for the discussion on the second instance. “We used this precedent so that the president [Arthur Lira] also invoke it immediately and submit it to the plenary, where each congressman can make his own value judgment and then we respect the sovereign decision of the Chamber”, said the congressman to Jornal da Manhã, from Young pan.

According to Léo Moraes, with approval in the House’s plenary, the proposal will be forwarded to the Federal Senate. In case of changes in the proposal, the text returns for further analysis by the deputies. The idea, however, is that the second instance PEC, considered a “milestone in the fight against corruption“, do not be retroactive, being valid only for future convictions. “We use this precedent so that, finally, the PEC of the second instance prison, as the privileged forum, which are matters that have been slumbering for days, months and years in our House and, finally, we can move forward and respect the sovereign will of Brazilian society” , finished.