Deputy says Zé Trovão’s arrest ‘has become a symbol’ and promises to appeal after habeas corpus denied – Prime Time Zone


One of the authors of the appeal presented to the STF, Major Vitor Hugo says he will appeal in different aspects, including seeking a direct solution with Alexandre de Moraes

Reproduction/Panic Zé Trovão was imprisoned by Alexandre de Moraes for inciting anti-democratic acts

This Friday, the 10th, the minister Edson Fachin, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), denied the request for habeas corpus to truck driver Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, the Ze thunder. The appeal had been filed by federal deputies against the detention order issued by the minister Alexandre de Moraes. However, Fachin stated that it is not possible to request an injunction against an individual decision of another member of the Supreme Court. Now, lawmakers are looking for alternatives to revoke the prison. the deputy Major Vitor Hugo, one of the authors of the request, guarantees that they will appeal. “We filed habeas corpus based on previous decisions of the STF, which allowed the presentation against monocratic decisions, there is a very symbolic precedent. Although Edson Fachin decided differently, we are going to appeal so that we can have a pacification, because there are divergent decisions”, he said in an interview to Jornal da Manhã, from Young pan.

The congressman also said that the group also intends to seek a solution directly with Alexandre de Moraes, making a request for the arrest to be revoked. “We hope to be successful in one of the aspects,” he added. Zé Trovão’s arrest was decreed for allegedly inciting the truck drivers to undemocratic acts. For Major Vitor Hugo, however, like other recent cases, the arrest warrant is “illegal and unconstitutional”. Many people are saying that we are acting to defend Zé Trovão’s arrest and we forgot about the Robert Jefferson, do Daniel Silveira, do Oswaldo Eustáquio. In the version, Zé Trovão has become a symbol now, due to the truck drivers, of the 7th of September, but we had already been fighting against these decisions for a long time”, he guaranteed.

Still on the climate of tension between the Powers and the repercussions in the National Congress, Vitor Hugo stated that the Chamber of Deputies continued to work and criticized the position of the president of the Senate. “Rodrigo Pacheco decided to make early electoral platform. He wants to qualify as third way and he didn’t make the Senate work this week,” he said. The senator canceled the sessions of the House this week after the repercussion of the demonstrations, justifying that there was no climate for votes. Even after the presidential letter to the nation, in which Jair Bolsonaro denies his intention to attack the Powers, the Federal Senate it maintains the posture of caution and signals that it will remain ill at ease with the government.