Did Bundy Sanjay bother? Forgot PK Matter?


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Was it for the first time that BJP state president Bandi Sanjay, who has become a sensation in Telugu politics, was in trouble? In any case, Sanjay is holding his logic point and not even suffocating KCR .. Is his mouth slipping? What is the mystery behind the comments made by him, who has been obsessed with AP politics since he took over as BJP state president, in response to the demolition of idols of deities in the AP, based directly on scriptures? Did you make such comments on purpose? If not, did you try to rub the Telangana strategy on the AP? That has become a hot topic in the Telugu states. Sanjay, who made sensational comments that the people of AP want a bible party, wants a Bhagwad Gita party.

According to the latest equations in the AP, it is known that the BJP has come to an understanding with the Janasena. Pawan Kalyan, who is participating in political meetings with the BJP in this context, remains in touch with the Kashaya ranks. The BJP and Janasena are fighting the government in coordination, calling for rallies and dharnas in the state. No matter how many criticisms the government made in this order, not a single word was said in terms of religions. But yesterday, Telangana BJP state president Bandi Sanjay .. speaking to the media in Hyderabad in view of the Tirupati by-election .. ‘Do you want a Bible party .. Do you want a Bhagavad Gita party?’ Now these remarks have become a sensation in politics. Some leaders are commenting that Sanjay spoke without knowing the real thing.

Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan’s wife Anna Leznova, who is currently allied with the BJP in the AP, said that she was a Christian.

Also, in the past, the BJP had promised to send all Christians to Jerusalem for free if it came to power in the Nagaland Assembly elections, but now the AP leaders have been criticized for speaking out in this regard. Commenting in a different way in other states, saying that in a state like Nagaland it is in favor of minorities raises many questions. Analysts say Muktar Abbas Naqvi, a minority, has taken Smriti Irani, a Parsi, into the Union Cabinet and is now speaking out in favor of one religion in the by-elections.

According to the constitution of the country, all religions should be respected equally. Central leaders say that any religion should not be viewed in a derogatory manner. Did Bandi Sanjay actually study on this subject? There are questions from the leaders of the Telugu states as well as the people.