‘Doce 22’: Luísa Sonza reflects on the emotions and learnings of 2020


“I want to be the protagonist of my life”, announces Luisa Sonza about your new album sweet 22 released yesterday, 18, as a farewell milestone of the age. In an interview with Estadão, the singer talks about the work that praises the feelings she experienced during 2020, which resulted in the second album of her career.

“Last year I went over everything, because I had no other option, I had to endure it. Only now, I’m starting to see the consequences that all this has left in my life. Today I understand that I have so much more strength to show my vulnerability and say ‘man, I’m not fine'”, says Luísa, who has suffered from attacks on the internet since 2017, when she started her career.

Hate speech, however, reached another level in April 2020, when the singer announced the end of her marriage to the comedian Whindersson Nunes.

From then on, her love life began to be a guide for the “haters”, much more than her career. To such an extent that Luísa was diagnosed with depression and, on June 4th, her staff announced her withdrawal from social networks to take care of her mental health, delaying the release of the album.

Luísa, however, is no exception. Most young and talented women – Brazilian or foreign – suffered at the hands of those seeking gossip. It was like that, for example, with Britney Spears. In her documentary available on Globoplay, Framing Britney Spears: A Star’s Life, which competes for best in the 2021 Emmy category, the abuse of the media and the guardianship to which the American has been subjected for 13 years are explored.

“I identify a lot with the whole story of Britney. Of her suffering with the media, with the lies invented about her, with her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Seeing her story, helped me a lot to be here talking to you, you know ?”, reflects the singer.