Doctor recalls repercussions of imprisonment in Egypt: ‘A fuss because I voted for Bolsonaro’ – Young Pan


In an interview with Panico, Doctor Victor Sorrentino stated that his career was reduced to an isolated situation: ‘The positive side is erased in the face of some events’

Reproduction/PanicVictor Sorrentino was the guest of this Tuesday, 27th, on the Panic program

This Tuesday, the 27th, the program Panic received the doctor Victor Sorrentino, a doctor and youtuber, detained in Egypt in May after publishing a video asking a saleswoman about sexual connotations. In an interview, Sorrentino stated that the video generated greater repercussions than imagined by political bias, as he supported Jair Bolsonaro in 2018 and defends the early treatment to the Covid-19. “When I saw that the thing was causing a stir in the Brazil, with a bias, because I support early treatment, because I voted for Bolsonaro. But that’s not why I’m a Pocketnarist, it was my choice. They started to link this on the networks, but I went back to the store to apologize to her, I talked to her. The girl said there was no problem. But that was no longer interesting for narrative, as the narrative was that I was an imbecile, a stalker. Whoever uses that word for what I’ve done has never known Egypt. It is a complicated country for tourism. It wasn’t an arrest, I was just arrested. There was social pressure and a Brazilian group arrived at an Egyptian women’s defense group. The girl herself did not consider what happened as harassment.”

According to Victor, the occasion in the Egypt it was just a joke that was decontextualized after going viral on the internet. However, the doctor does not rule out that he could have taken different attitudes at the time of the reflected speech. “Live is always different, we can explain a real version. I can give what is true, and the truth can be painful. We are here to pay for mistakes and renew in some aspects. Many people knew me during this period. I always gave information about Medicine, I had millions of followers, the positive side is erased in the face of events like this. I was in Egypt for a walk. In the early days we were in a papyrus shop, things were new to us. They started to explain about gods and in the midst of so many stories with penis games, she said ‘the bigger and firmer, the better’. I repeated, but I’m not a heartless guy to approach the girl with that. It may have been in repeating what she said.”

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