Dominance struggle in Kurnool YCP .. Battered leaders


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: In Nandikotkur constituency of Kurnool district, the internal class struggle in the YCP has flared up once again. The power struggle between MLA Arthur Varghese and youth leader Byrd Siddartha Reddy has reached the level of Tara. In the aftermath of the municipal elections, the two factions clashed. This created a tense situation. In the 12th ward, Siddharth Reddy’s strong candidate is contesting as the YCP Rebel candidate. It was rumored that the ward volunteer was distributing voter slips on behalf of the Rebel candidate.

The MLAs questioned the ward volunteer as to how the voter slips were being distributed on behalf of the Rebel candidate. The controversy escalated into a brawl. Activists from both factions clashed. The Nandikotkur constituency is still fighting for supremacy in the YCP. The controversy reached the attention of Chief Minister YS Jagan. MLA Arthur, who could not bear the class struggle in the past, was also ready to resign. With that, the controversy calmed down a bit when the district minister in charge Anil Kumar Yadav stepped in. It was once again exposed in the wake of the latest municipal election. Activists allege that the party has suffered due to such class struggle. They suggest that if MLA Arthur and Baireddy Siddharth Reddy work together, the YCP will win.

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