Dootax: high technology in companies to keep accounts up to date with the “Lion”


She is barely three years old, has doubled in size in the last two and does what for many is a miracle: reduces bureaucracy in tax processes for some of the biggest retailers Brazilian companies. Dootax is a handy tool for companies like Magalu, American, Submarine, Riachuelo, Apothecary e netshoes, but not just for them. The technological solutions offered by the startup are currently used by more than 20 thousand companies so that they have current accounts with the government in all its instances – federal, state and municipal.

Dootax was launched in 2018, but its embryo emerged in 2012, with the Flux-IT, created by Thiago Souza, head of marketing at the startup which also has the economist as co-founders and partners Yvon Gaillard, commercial director, and Luis Pessoa, product director. The company is lean, currently has 80 employees distributed in all areas and should close 2021 with revenues of R$ 16 million – 100% higher than the amount achieved in the previous year.

O Dootax portfolio it is not only vast in the number of customers served, but also in the representativeness of the companies that use the RPA fiscal (Robotic Process Automation) para facilitar fiscal routines day-to-day, which is possible with the use of robots to perform manual and repetitive tasks. “It’s a way to reduce time in bureaucracy and increase the productivity”, says Souza in an interview with EXAME IN. The executive recalls that among the solutions that the automated business resource planning system – in solutions offered 24 hours and 7 days a week – is the issuance of tax guides such as IRPJ, INSS, ICMS, FECP e ISS.

The application of Tax RPA was launched by the startup in 2018, when the startup received an investment of private equity gives Finnet which, at the time, had a competing product. “Several times we came across some competitors. Most of the time we won and a few times we lost. But we decided to join forces. As a result, Finnet’s solution was discontinued and all efforts were concentrated on Dootax”, says Souza.

The executive informs that this investment round – of undisclosed value – was the only one the startup has received so far. “We are receiving and evaluating some opportunities, but for now, all the capital we earn is reinvested in the company. The time is for expansion. Now is the time to improve the product. We believe in this and we don’t want the car to slow down.”

“The tax RPA solution, our flagship, is a complete system with integrated intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytic functions”, informs Souza. Graduated in Information Systems with an MBA in business management, the head of marketing at Dootax consolidated his career as a developer of software in companies from different segments such as retail, industry, air services and even in the Brazilian stock exchange – the B3.

To EXAME IN, Thiago Souza ponders that the fiscal area, core operating at Dootax, it has a lot of synergy with almost all areas of the client companies, such as the finance department. “Other areas that are currently already privileged with our solutions are logistics, legal and administrative”, says the executive, for whom the simplification of tax routines with technology automatically benefits other sectors of the companies. “O compliance fiscal generates greater agility and assertiveness in the responses to this department”, he adds.

success case

This Tuesday, the 14th, Dootax has a special mission: to present, at the 26th edition of SAP NOW – technology event promoted by SAP, one of the global leaders in software development for process management – ​​the work of integrating information with the version S / 4HANA developed for the Riachuelo. The retailer is undergoing a process modernization project to gain operational, effectiveness and quality in the systems. Riachuelo, which, like the retailers, faced the temporary closure of physical stores during the most critical phases of the pandemic, accumulated initiatives in the last year, not giving up the points for the Covid.

During this period, Riachuelo launched clothes with antiviral technology, developed surveys to get to know customers better and reposition brand, became a sponsor of Brazilian Women’s Football Championship A-1 until 2023 and, in a second quarter earnings conference call, the retailer’s president, Oswaldo Nunes, said that the company remains attentive to opportunities for Fusions and acquisitions, especially from the technology and finance sector.

In the ecosystem from north to south

Considered one of the main startups in the Brazilian ecosystem, Dootax was selected to integrate, in São Paulo, the Itaú cube. In Pernambuco, the company participates in the Digital Port, one of the most recognized technology parks and innovation environments in the country. In Rio Grande do Sul, Dootax is in the Caldeira Institute – a innovation hub that fosters the new economy in that state.

In a clear demonstration that he intends to expand horizons, in addition to accumulating first-rate knowledge, Thiago Souza currently participates in the course in machine learning gives Stanford University, California, where he analyzes the transformations related to the application of artificial intelligence.

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