Douglas Garcia to pay R $ 20,000 indemnity for disclosing ‘dossier against antifascists’ – Prime Time Zone


It is the third time that the deputy is ordered to pay compensation for moral damages; repairs by the document already total R $ 60 thousand

Press Release / AlespState Representative Douglas Garcia was expelled from the PSL for his involvement in the Fake News inquiry

The Federal Court of São Paulo determined on Wednesday, 17, that the state deputy Douglas garcia (PTB-SP) pay indemnity of R $ 20 thousand to a teacher because of the dossier against anti-fascists. The congressman prepared the document with almost a thousand pages, with names, photos and description of people who participated in a pro-democracy act on May 31, 2020 on Avenida Paulista, partly self-titled anti-fascists. The plaintiff AS asked the court for compensation for moral damages. It is the third time that the deputy is ordered to pay compensation for the dossier. In August 2020, Douglas Garcia was ordered to pay R $ 20,000 to a woman named in the document. The decision was made by Judge Guilherme Ferreira da Cruz, from the 45th Central Civil Court of the Capital. In December 2020, Judge Ronney Bruno dos Santos Reis, from Prundentópolis, Paraná, ordered Garcia to pay R $ 10,000 to two more people mentioned in the dossier.

According to the action, the dossier was now forwarded to various groups of WhatsApp and Emails. The documents include a list of full names, date of birth, document numbers, addresses, organizations, groups and bands to which the victims are supposed to belong and social media profiles, as well as indications of places they frequent. “The constraints and problems arising from having the name publicly associated with extremist organizations and acts of violence are undeniable and notorious”, says the decision of Judge Bruno Dello Russo de Oliveira, of the 3rd court of the Ribeirão Pires Forum. “The losses are further enhanced by the ease and frequency with which the data is consulted and distributed on social networks, encouraging intolerance and the persecution of people who share different political views of conservatism”, concludes the judge. Since he is a first instance, Douglas Garcia may derive from the decision.