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Drishyam 2 Review: Twists beyond ‘Scene’ .. Mohanlal ‘Scene 2’ causing a lot of excitement .. – mohal lal meena drishyam 2 movie review release date february 19th


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Sensational hit movie scene in Malayalam six years ago. The movie has been remade in Telugu, Tamil and three other languages.

Movie: Scene-2
Cast: Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba, Esther Anil, Murali Gopi, Asha Sarath, Siddique, etc.
Written and directed by Jeetu Joseph
Producer: Anthony Perumbavoor
Music: Anil Johnson
Cinematography: Satish Kurup

Sensational hit movie scene in Malayalam six years ago. The movie was remade in Telugu, Tamil and three other languages ​​and became a super hit there as well. Recently, the movie sequel has been released in Malayalam once again. Malayalam star Mohanlal and Meena play the lead roles while Jeetu Joseph directs. The movie was recently released on Amazon Prime. That movie review is for you.

Scene .. In the movie, Varun’s daughter is killed by his family .. George Kutty (Mohanlal) buries the body in the police station in a way that no one expected. After that, George lives happily with his family. But the police did not drop the case. The case is still under investigation without George’s knowledge. It is in this order that they find some key evidence. That testimony .. again the problems that George’s family faced because of them, the story of what happened in the end.

Scene 2 started last year and was postponed due to corona. After the lock down, filming resumed and was completed in just a month and a half. Not the theaters .. There was a lot of criticism at the beginning about the release in OTT .. But it must be said that the audience’s opinion changes after watching the movie. Arousing interest from the beginning of the movie .. Anuhya thrilled the audience with her twists .. In the end, the movie ended up looking super. It has come as a sequel in the movie industry so far. If there is any super hit movie, it is Scene 2.

Scene 2 begins with the end of the movie. After Varun cleverly gets out of the murder case .. George Kutty opens his own theater with his own movie madness. However, without George’s knowledge, the police are secretly investigating the case. The story becomes interesting as some evidence is leaked to the police. How the police dealt with George in this case .. What are the plans of the police to catch him is all the more thrilling. The film continues with twists and turns that the audience expects, along with George’s plans to protect his family in defiance of the police. Everyone in the cast, including George, lived. Along with the twists in the film .. George Kutty ends the film with a sense of adoration for his character. Audiences who have seen the scene movie will find this movie even more interesting.

Judging by the characters in this movie..Mohanlal .. it must be said that he has lived his life completely in the role of Jarchi Kutty. Also Murali Gopi who did IG also really acted wonderfully as a police superintendent. Meena, Esther, Ansiba, Asha Sarath and Siddique also acted in their roles.

There is only one song in the two and a half hour long movie. Music by Anil Johnson for this film .. Also the thrilling background score should be considered strong for the film. Satish Koop’s photography is also impressive. Jeetu Joseph, the director and director of the movie, has finally proved himself once again. Without disappointing the audience anywhere .. The scene provided expectations and twists beyond the film.

Conclusion: Makes for more thrill than ‘scenery’.
Rating: 3.30/5

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