Eduardo Bolsonaro filed for impeachment against the mayor of Araraquara – Prime Time Zone


Request is based on suspected irregularities in the purchase of respirators without a bidding process; Edinho Silva manifested himself on social networks and criticized pocketbookism

Matheus Bonomi/Estadão ContentEduardo Bolsonaro filed for impeachment in Araraquara

the federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) stated that it has filed a request for impeachment against the mayor of Araraquara, Edinho Silva (PT), for suspected irregularities in the purchase of respirators with no need to bid. The congressman went to the city on the afternoon of Monday, 2, to deliver basic food baskets collected in a virtual kit organized by him and the deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) for city entities. At the time, Eduardo also filed the request for impeachment. “If the population is revolted by corruption, imagine how much more it is revolted by the embezzlement of healthcare money. The mayor must explain,” said the deputy in a video posted on social networks. The president’s son also criticized the mayor for decreeing a lockdown in the city in February this year. “If he walked among the population, he would know that people who live informally are not able to stay locked up at home like him and like Mr. João Doria,” he said.

The impeachment request is based on the complaint that the city of Araraquara bought 25 respirators without a bid from a company that operates in the field of jewelry and accessories. At the time, R$ 1 million was paid in advance. The total budgeted amount was R$4.1 million. The company that sold the respirators was sentenced by the lower court and forced to return the amount paid by the municipal administration. Na manhã desta terça-feira, 3, o prefeito Edinho Silva se manifestou em sua conta do Twitter e criticou a família Bolsonaro. “On the Bolsonaro family’s attack on Araraquara: our city stood out in the fight against the pandemic by defending science and medicine. Pocketnarism preaches denial and encourages genocide. That alone explains this obsession with attacking us: we represent their ideological defeat,” he wrote.