Electronic voting machines will pass safety assessment tests – Prime Time Zone


39 specialists inspect the source codes and will try to find any vulnerabilities to be fixed in the equipment

Lucas Lacaz Ruiz/Estadão Content – 11/04/2020Inspection of source codes is expected to take two weeks in preparation for the Public Electronic Voting System Security Test

O Superior Electoral Court (TSE) opened the stage of inspection of electronic voting machine source codes for the 2022 election. This phase will last two weeks and is part of the preparations for the Public Security Test of the Electronic Voting System, which will take place in November. In all, 39 specialists, also called investigators, signed up to act in the inspection of the source codes. Among the activities they will carry out is the elaboration of a plan to attack the electronic voting machines. This offensive test must be sent to the TSE by the 25th. In November, the same investigators will return to the Electoral Court to execute the plan and try to find in the ballot boxes some vulnerability to be corrected. According to José de Melo Cruz, coordinator of electoral systems at the TSE, this stage will serve to show the points for improvement and improvement. He also reinforces the security of the ballot boxes and denied that the electronic system allows any change in the electoral result. For him, if any fraud happened, it would be easily discovered. The TSE claims that the tests guarantee society the legitimacy of the ballot boxes and the efficiency of the Brazilian electoral system.

*With information from reporter Daniel Lian