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Enough will react “very vehemently” on the street to the attempt to outlaw


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André Ventura

The leader of Chega said, this Saturday, that the party will respond “very vehemently” and with “presence on the street”, already in March, to the attempt to illegalize the structure promoted by Ana Gomes.

“I want to make it clear here, today, that Chega will respond very vehemently, with a presence on the street, in relation to this situation and that we will respond with all our strength to one of the biggest attacks on democracy since the 25th of April “, he said.

André Ventura spoke on the sidelines of a meeting with party militants in Santa Cruz, a municipality on the east side of Madeira. “We have nothing to hide, we are perfectly at ease,” he declared.

The leader of Chega reacted, in this way, to the statements of the ex-socialist MEP and ex-presidential candidate Ana Gomes, this Friday, in Jornal 2 da RPT2, indicating that the Europol was available to support the Portuguese authorities, if they so request, in a possible investigation of the party.

“I would like to strongly repudiate Dr. Ana Gomes in relation to the possible illegalization of Chega and an eventual international police collaboration that will be underway to outlaw Chega or to investigate Chega, ”said Ventura, stressing that it is a “Offensive unparalleled in the history of democracy”.

André Ventura added that the party’s response will be given on the street during the month of March.

“I do not want to give you, at this moment, more details in relation to what we are preparing, but we are going to do a great, great concentration on the street, on a date to be revealed soon, against this vile, ignoble, unbelievable and anti-democratic attempt to outlaw an party that was accepted in the Constitutional Court, that went to votes, that has representation in the national Parliament, that has representation in the regional Parliament of the Azores ”, he said.

And he reinforced: “We intend to say to the political power in Portugal, to the judicial power, to the public power that half a million people are not illegal, one of the biggest Portuguese parties is not illegal, since a party that is doing so much for the struggle of good people is not going underground ”.

Ventura stressed that Chega is already one of the “biggest parties” in Portugal and recalled that he was the third most voted candidate in the January presidential elections, with around 500 thousand votes.

“I thought that hiding was in the history books in Portugal, but apparently it is not. It is in our daily reality and, therefore, we will respond very vehemently to it, with all our strength, with everything we can in this month of March ”, he warned.

On February 4, the Diário de Notícias reported that Ana Gomes had asked the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to review the legalization of Chega as a political force, claiming that this party violates the Constitution of the Republic, and investigates the source of its funding.

In the same news, the DN added that the former Socialist MEP sent her participation “to the President of the European Commission, to the President of the European Parliament, to the director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, to the UN Secretary-General and to the directors of Europol and Eurojust ”.

“If Chega is made illegal, if Chega’s leaders are sent underground, the problem is not Chega, nor André Ventura, nor his leaders, is that tomorrow it will be you and others, journalists and other parties”, said Ventura.

The president of Chega went to Madeira as part of the internal election process, scheduled for March 6, in which he is re-running for party leadership.

Madeira will be one of the most important stages of the political battles that we are going to fight ”, he said, stressing that he intends to gain“ strength ”in the autonomous region already in this year’s municipal elections and, therefore,“ to condition the exercise of power in most municipalities ”.

In the presidential elections in January, André Ventura took second place in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, obtaining 9.95% of the votes, just after Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, with 72.16%.


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