Essentials GCC staff buried in the mud


Prime Time Zone, Kukunur: The incident came to light late on Saturday when the crew buried essential goods in the mud rather than a huddle at the GCC in the center of the zone. If the beneficiaries go for ration a little late .. there is a situation where the goods have to be diverted. GCC staff buried bags of copper and peanut packets made in 2019 in a tree near a local government junior college. There is widespread criticism of burying it without handing it over to the government. Locals are concerned that the stench may be emanating from the packets. Locals, on the other hand, are outraged that government money has been wasted.

It is a no-brainer not to distribute copper and peanut packets to the beneficiaries from both ends. Ignition of these after two weeks has become a topic of discussion in the zone as they are supposed to be delivered within 6 months of packing only. Information that their value is in lakhs. However, GCC accountant Raja Yogi was asked by the ‘direction spokesperson’ for an explanation on the matter and informed the tender trader that the packets had expired. However, he did not respond and clarified that it was true that 26 bags (50 kg per bag) were buried. It remains to be seen whether higher authorities will focus and take action against those who squandered government money.

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