Ethics Council rejects Daniel Silveira’s 3rd suspension and approves a lighter sentence – Prime Time Zone


Parties called for the parliamentarian to be punished for breach of decorum after releasing a video with threats to protesters; Congressman Diego Garcia suggested written censorship

DIDA SAMPAIO/ESTADÃO CONTENTDaniel Silveira responds to two more processes in the collegiate, with suspension sentences of two and six months

O Council of Ethics of the Chamber rejected the third suspension of the federal deputy Daniel Silveira. The representation against the parliamentarian was presented by Network, PSOL e PSB. The parties called for him to be punished for breaching decorum after releasing a video threatening participants in anti-government demonstrations. The rapporteur of the case, Rose Neide (PT) proposed three months of leave to the deputy. “Each one with their own ideology, that’s beside the point. What comes to the case is public posture, aggression against the rule of law, aggression against institutions”, he said. However, the rapporteur was defeated by 10 votes to 9. The president of the Council, Paulo Azi (DEM) used the regiment to choose a new rapporteur in the case. Deputy Diego Garcia (Pode) changed the punishment and received the majority of the votes of the collegiate. “I vote partially for the origin of representation 08/2021, suggesting as a penalty written censorship.”

Censorship is the mildest punishment in the Chamber’s Code of Ethics and can be verbal or written. Other sanctions foreseen are the suspension of regimental prerogatives, the temporary suspension of the term of office and the loss of office. Deputy Daniel Silveira answers two more processes in the collegiate. The congressman has already received two months of suspension for recording a PSL meeting and another six months after releasing videos in defense of the AI-5 and the removal of justices from the Supreme Court (STF), in case it took him to prison. The deputy was under house arrest, but was arrested again in June after violating the use of the electronic anklet. The Code of Ethics provides for a maximum suspension for six months and there is no consensus on the sum of the two processes. The final decision on the punishment of Daniel Silveira will be up to the plenary of Chamber of Deputies.

*With information from the reporter Marcelo Mattos