Even with Bolsonaro’s hospitalization in SP, Mourão keeps an agenda in Angola – Prime Time Zone


General is first in line if the president needs to be removed; this Thursday, the Chief Executive is in São Paulo to carry out a battery of exams

WALLACE MARTINS/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTHamilton Mourão is first in line if President Jair Bolsonaro needs to be removed

the vice president of the republic, Hamilton Mourao, will keep your schedule in Angola this Thursday, 15. According to information from reporter Antonio Maldonado, from Young pan, after the hospitalization of the president Jair Bolsonaro, who was transferred to the Vila Nova Star hospital, in Sao Paulo, the sons of the chief executive asked the vice president to return to Brazil. The general is first in the line of succession and must take over if Bolsonaro needs to be removed because of his health problems. At dawn on Wednesday, after abdominal pain, the president was admitted to the Hospital das Forças Armadas, in Brasília. After evaluating the clinical picture, the physician’s team Antonio Luiz Macedo, who operated Bolsonaro in 2018, due to the stab wound he suffered in Juiz de Fora (MG), decided to transfer him to São Paulo. Bolsonaro was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction and will undergo a “conservative clinical treatment” – for now, surgery is not ruled out. Mourão embarked on the afternoon of Wednesday, 14, for Angola, where he is taking part in a meeting with the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). This Thursday morning, however, the vice president’s office confirmed that he will not return to Brazil and that his agenda in the African country is maintained. This morning, the general will visit the Brazil-Angola Cultural Center and participate in the Ceremony to unveil the inauguration plaque of the mural representing the CPLP’s historical and cultural heritage. At 2 pm, Mourão will attend a dinner hosted by the Brazilian Ambassador in Luanda in his honor.