Exciting land thugs .. officials who do not care


Prime Time Zone, Jawahar Nagar: Land grabbers are rife in Jawahar Nagar. Government lands and vacant lands are being plowed if found. Revenue, corporation and police officers are blindfolded and land grabbing. Allegations are heard that the occupiers did not care to file a complaint including evidence. With this, the game played by the illegals became a song sung. There have been criticisms that the occupation is going on arbitrarily with the scepters of the ruling party.

Even though Jawahar Nagar has become a corporation, the people are wrong. The story that revolved around the public representatives on one side, the municipal officials on the other and the revenue officials on the other hand finally came to a climax on the Prahari structure at Survey No. 474 which has become a sensation in the meantime. Revenue officials who conducted a comprehensive inquiry into the matter disclosed the details at a press conference held by Capra Tehsildar Gautam Kumar four days ago. The real reason for this is said to be Bandelu Pratap alias Lilly Pratap, who was previously accused in several cases in Karimnagar district. It was revealed that Prahari had misled the officials that he was the in-charge collector for the three districts. So far, however, the Jawahar Nagar police have not taken any action on the incident, raising many suspicions.

In Survey No. 510, which has recently become a topic of discussion across Jawahar Nagar, a complaint was lodged with the police against the leaders of the ruling party in the Nandanvanam Children’s Park case, including the names of the Municipal Commissioner. The petrol attack case against Circle Inspector Bhikshapati Rao, who went to Bandobastu a month ago as part of the removal of illegal structures in Survey No. 432, has created a sensation across the state. The Municipal Commissioner himself has lodged a complaint against two public representatives of the ruling party, the president and the leaders of the other party who are accused in the case.

The local tehsildar had lodged a complaint with the police against another public representative in the sub-level post of the ruling party who had plotted government land in Survey Nos. 613 and 614 and sold it to innocent people. Many are voicing the mystery behind the fact that so many cases have been registered against so many public representatives in the land mafia case but no action has been taken so far.

Somewhere in Karimnagar district what is the connection of Jawahar Nagar to Lillipratap who is accused in several cases? Many suspect that some of the leaders of the local ruling party behind Lillipratap were behind the negligence of the Jawahar Nagar police officers. There are rumors among the people of Jawahar Nagar that the elder is using his reputation to transfer officials as the accused in several land grab cases belong to the local ruling party. The people of Jawahar Nagar are still demanding that the authorities wake up and take action against those who registered cases.

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