Fachin grants semi-open regime to Geddel Vieira Lima – Prime Time Zone


Former government minister Temer was preventively arrested and denounced by the PGR in 2017 after the PF found R$51 million in an apartment in Salvador

José Cruz/Agência Brasil‘Bunker do Geddel’ became one of the most emblematic scenes of Brazilian politics

the minister Edson Fachin, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), granted, this Friday, 10, the progression to the semi-open regime to Geddel Vieira Lima, former minister of the Secretariat of Government of Michel Temer and arrested in 2017 for money laundering and criminal association. He and his brother, Lúcio Vieira Lima, former federal deputy, were denounced in December 2017 by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) after the Federal Police (PF) find, in September of that same year, more than R$51 million in cash inside an apartment in Salvador. Geddel’s defense asked the Court to grant the benefit on September 3rd.

Rapporteur for Operation Lava Jato at the Supreme Court, Fachin imposed the payment of a fine as a requirement for the progression of the regime. In the order of this Friday, the minister said that it was proven that the amount defined by the Court had been paid. In August, the Second Panel of the STF annulled, by 3 votes to 1, in August, the conviction for criminal association and moral damages. At the trial, the ministers understood that the Vieira Lima brothers have family ties and cannot, therefore, be framed in a criminal association. The magistrates also reduced the sentences of Geddel and Lucius by 18 months. The former minister will have to serve 13 years and four months, compared to 9 years for the former parliamentarian. Due to the new coronavirus pandemic and his health condition, Geddel has been under house arrest since last year.

“Completed the subjective and objective requirements, as already recognized in the order of pages 7,197-7,200, and once the payment of the amount defined as a criminal fine has been proven (pages 7820-7,821), I grant Geddel Quadros Vieira Lima the progression to the semi-open regime. In view of the alteration of the condemnatory title at the time of the judgment of the motion for clarification, copies of the condemnatory judgment and the judgment of the motion for clarification filed by the convicts are sent to the Court of the 2nd Criminal Execution Court of the district of Salvador, for that proceeds to the calculation of the benefits provided for in Law n. 7,210/1984, with subsequent communication to this Rapporteur. Afterwards, return the completed records for analysis of the claim for revocation of house arrest made by the Attorney General’s Office. Give an official letter to the Court of the 2nd Criminal Execution Court in the district of Salvador”, says the final section of the decision.