Federal court files inquiry against Lula for influence peddling in Costa Rica – Prime Time Zone


Petista was also accused of alleged active corruption to favor the OAS contractor

VITORINO JUNIOR/PHOTOPRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTAccording to Lula’s lawyers, this is the 19th lawsuit based on charges by Lava Jato that has just been filed

A Federal Court of São Paulo filed the complaint against the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva by all means influence peddling e active corruption to favor the contractor OAS in Costa Rica. The former president of the construction company, Léo Pinheiro, the former executive of the company, Augusto Uzeda, and the former president of the company also benefited from the decision. Lula Institute, Paulo Okamoto. All are no longer investigated by the Federal police. The filing had been defended so much by the lawyers of Lula and by the Federal Public Ministry, which pointed out the absence of evidence and the statute of limitations of the investigated crimes. The investigation was opened based on the award-winning denunciation of Léo Pinheiro, who declared that the former president had been hired by OAS to promote a lecture in Costa Rica with the aim of influencing the Central American country’s government to close contracts with the company . The negotiation would have been brokered by Paulo Okamoto.

In the decision, Judge Maria Carolina Ayoub, of the 9th Federal Court of São Paulo, declared that there is “no just cause for the continuation of the investigations” and stated that the crimes imputed to Lula have already expired. She explains, in the sentence, that the period for this to happen would be 12 years, but, as the former president is over 70 years old, this period drops to six years. In a statement, Lula’s defense declared that no person heard by the Federal Police confirmed what he called the “absurd version presented by Léo Pinheiro” and said that the executive himself “denied any payment of undue advantage to the former president in a new testimony”. According to Lula’s lawyers, this is the 19th investigation procedure filed against the PT based on accusations by the Car wash and that ends up filed; the only process still open is the one dealing with the purchase of Swedish fighter jets.

*With information from the reporter Vitor Brown