Fraud with fake accounts .. Women are the target


Prime Time Zone, Crime Bureau: Cybercriminals are committing the latest scams. Fraudsters who have committed crimes like OTP fraud, OLX, gift pack, SIM swapping etc. near the Aadhaar update for bank accounts. Fraudsters are targeting people with four names who are quite active on Facebook. They are creating fake accounts in their names, contacting the friends list in their account through Facebook and collecting money. It has come as a surprise to everyone that fake accounts have come to light, even with the names of top civil servants, from ordinary people. Recently, cybercrime police have been receiving the highest number of such complaints.

Cybercriminals are constantly throwing nets in some form or another to deceive the innocent. One of these is a Facebook friend request for women to change WhatsApp numbers after agreeing to become lovers in the name of friendship and cheating, creating fake accounts in our own names and collecting money from friends and relatives in the name of emergencies. Recently, a woman from the city agreed to put a friend request in the name of Dr. Ajay from Germany on Facebook. Phone numbers changed for the sake of WhatsApp chatting as her friendship with him grew through Facebook. The fraudster, who observed her financial situation, said he was sending jewelry and valuables from Germany and sent her photos of them. Believing this to be true, the next day when the phone rang in the name of the immigration officials, they did as they were told and cheated Rs 13 lakh. These fake Facebook accounts have been created by a number of fraudulent Facebook IDs in the name of well-known people in the community as well as police officers. From IPS officers to inspector level officers, fraudsters are creating fake Facebook accounts and asking for money from those on their friends list.

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The people who found out that a fake Facebook account had been created, the authorities created a fake Facebook account in my name and asked for money. They have to tell themselves not to be fooled. The victims ranged from inspector level to additional DG level officers. Cybercrime police have been receiving the highest number of complaints recently about Facebook scams. Police have identified the fake Facebook account scams as taking place from Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Cybercrime police on the one hand are focusing on these complaints .. on the other hand they have written a letter to Facebook. With this, Facebook had to make some changes to detect fake accounts. If someone suspects a fake account after demanding money through Facebook, click on the three dots on the right side of Facebook .. The report option is coming. If 20 people post in this report that the account should not be deleted, the Facebook company will consider deleting the account as fake. Cybercrime police want to post details of fraud in the original account so as not to deceive other friends as soon as they find out that a fake account has been created in your name.